How data hosted and processed in Taku

Where is the data hosted?

Taku services and data are hosted in DigitalOcean facilities in the NYC1 (New York City, United States).

Data processing

Below is an overview of the personal data we process and the purposes for which we process it.

1. Taku customers

1.1 When you visit our Website

Each time you access our website, the following personal data is automatically processed:

  • IP address of your requesting computer
  • browser type, browser version and language used
  • your operating system
  • date and time of access of your visit
  • name of your access provider
  • name of the specific page or file accessed, and the amount of data transferred (access status/http status code)
  • website from which your system accesses our Website (“referrer URL”)

1.2 When you register in Taku

When you register in Taku, we collect the following personal data from you to provide access to Taku and for future contact:

  • name,
  • e-mail address

2. Taku widget users

Each time a user lands on a website with the Taku widget, they are assigned a unique identifier. This identifier is used to track user activity and provide a better user experience. If you specify your own identifier (using the user_id config), we will use it instead of the generated one.

We track the following events to show statistics of user engagement and to train our AI models for optimizing display time and message content.

Event nameDescription
page_viewUser visits a page
viewUser sees a message
voteUser votes on a message
reactionUser reacts to a message
form_submitUser submits a form
button_clickUser clicks a button
link_clickUser clicks a link
notification_openUser opens a notification
notification_closeUser closes a notification
notification_expandUser expands a notification

Every event includes some additional data to provide more context:

user_idunique identifier of the user
user_session.start_timestamptimestamp when user session started.
user_session.session_numbernumber of user session
user_page_session.start_timestamptimestamp when user visit a page
current_page.urlurl of the page
current_page.scroll_depthscroll depth of the page
current_page.scroll_heightscroll height of the page
current_page.meta.titletitle of the page
current_page.meta.descriptiondescription of the page
languagelanguage of the user
locationlocation of the user
timezonetimezone of the user
devicedevice of the user
viewport.widthwidth of the viewport
viewport.heightheight of the viewport

You can exclude user_id, user_session.*, and os from the payload by passing the disable_tracking config to the Taku widget.